Monday, April 1, 2013

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Democracy under critical spotlight in India-oriented books

The Indian democratic apparatus is increasingly being placed under a critical scanner by a new tribe of writers who are exploring the functional dynamics of the country...

Destination Review: Hong Kong

With beautiful beaches, a rich history and lots of entertainment, this Asian city beckons each and every traveller

Top 6 beer myths revealed

We all know that guy at the bar who's full of myths about alcohol. And where there are myths, there are rumours that spread like wild fire.

17 must-have kitchen spices

Chef Gautam Mehrishi lists the spices that are crucial to cooking.

Super ways to wear your sexuality

There's a fine line between sexy and cheap. We tell you how to wear your sexuality with an older woman's ease — elegantly and effortlessly

Meggings, latest fashion must-have for men

Male leggings – or meggings, could become the latest fashion trend, after celebrities like Russell Brand, Justin Bieber and Lenny Kravitz have been seen sporting it.

Foods to tackle high cholesterol

It would be nice if we could say that symptoms of high cholesterol included a very recognizable rash, the need to dance, or another harmless problem, but the truth of the matter is that high cholesterol has no warning signs. And this is a problem.

Mistakes you make while running

Here are some running mistakes you probably didn't know you make

Docs can feel their patients' pain

In a novel investigation in which physicians underwent brain scans while they believed they were actually treating patients, researchers have provided the first scientific evidence indicating that doctors truly can feel their patients' pain – and can also experience their relief following treatment.

Sudden aggression in dogs a sign of pain

Sudden acts of aggression by dogs could be related to some internal pain they are feeling.

Women catfights at work are the worst

Conflicts between women at workplace has been perceived to have more negative implications than male on male or male on female conflicts, a new study has revealed.

Are you jealous of a mother-to-be?

Baby envy is a growing worry for women in their 30s.

Haircuts and sun signs

Torn between a pixie or structured bob cut? Follow your sun sign-specific haircut to know what suits you best...

Top reasons why we lie

In a new study, researchers have investigated what factors influence dishonest behaviour.

Feng Shui for your living room

If you've been wondering how to Feng Shui your living room. Here are some ways.

Teatime recipes: Brownie cake, oatmeal cookies

What began as a mere hobby grew into a passion when Rashma Sud's father, a diabetic, lamented that he couldn't enjoy her delicious desserts like the others in the family.

Book review: Nobody Can Love You More

Lifeless posters of Aishwarya Rai, Madhuri Dixit, Amisha Patel and Mahima Chaudhary are plastered on the walls. They smile back at you from the cramped room...

How to wax your face at home

A smooth and clear face can make you look and feel good. Get rid of those extra hair on your face that make you feel less than sexy.

Learn some 'Kamasutra' if you can

Here are some sex resolutions you should make to rekindle the flame.

7 Must-know sex secrets

Guys, here's your chance to know the seven sex secrets women wish their partner knew

Cocktails that add zing to your party

Planning a lavish party or looking to add zing to an evening soiree? These stylish cocktails are your ultimate companion, says Bhaichand Patel

Kim Sharma's family holiday in Melbourne

Actress Kim Sharma shares her experience of a family holiday in Melbourne

Euro chain now on Residency Road

Euro restaurant chain, Veekes and Thomas (VNT) has expanded its reach in south Bangalore — VNT restaurants are located in JP Nagar, Jayanagar and Bannerghatta Road

Want your child to eat healthy?

It isn't that difficult a task...

Twists in your home decor

The world of interiors takes its inspiration from the fashion world, giving you scope to make some interesting tweaks to your home