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Environment:4/1/2013 5:30:09 PM

Drastically greener Arctic predicted in coming decades

Plant growth in Arctic ecosystems has increased over the past few decades, a trend that coincides with increases in temperatures, which are rising at about twice the global rate.

Deserted elephant calves being sent to Jaldapara

Two elephant calves who were deserted by their herd near Jhargram in West Bengal two months ago were on their way on Sunday to Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary for being trained.

NTPC's 5 MW solar power plant inaugurated at Dadri

Arup Roy Choudhury, CMD, NTPC Limited inaugurated the commercial operation of 5MW Solar Power Plant at NTPC Dadri.

Panel seeks more details on proposed nuke plant in Haryana

The proposal is for setting up a nuclear power park (4x700 MWe), to be implemented in phases at Gorakhpur in Fatehabad district along with township for the project.

Moscow to spend $4 million for good weather

Authorities in Moscow have revealed they will spend almost $4 million to ensure city residents be able to enjoy two rain-free national holidays in the coming months.

Hundreds of starving sea lion pups fill US rescue centers

Hundreds of starving sea lion pups are washing up on beaches in Southern California, overwhelming rescue centers and leaving scientists scrambling to figure out why.

Blackbuck count doubles in Vallanadu sanctuary

The recent wildlife census conducted in Vallanadu Blackbuck Sanctuary has some good news for wildlife lovers as the number of blackbucks here has almost doubled.

US announces stricter gasoline standards to reduce pollution

US regulators announced today stricter rules on vehicle emissions and low-sulfur gasoline as part of President Barack Obama's efforts to reduce pollution.

Now, robotic 'jellyfish spy' to patrol oceans!

Researchers, led by an Indian origin scientist, have developed a life-like, autonomous robotic jellyfish - the size and weight of a grown man - for surveillance and monitoring of oceans.

Environmental groups pressure UN body for carbon aviation deal

Environmental groups have urged the United States to back a global deal to curb carbon emissions produced by planes.

Tiger sightings in Sattari on the rise

There could be further evidence of a tiger prowling the forests of eastern Goa, when a cow killed in the village of Coparde, Sattari, is believed to have been made a meal of by a tiger.

Swiss experts to train Indians in Himalayan glaciology

India and Switzerland on Thursday announced they would conduct a capacity building programme in Himalayan glaciology for PhD students and researchers working in glaciology in the country.

Is global warming causing harsher winters?

Millions of people in northern Europe are still battling snow and ice, wondering why they are being punished with bitter cold. Earth is in the grip of global warming.

British butterflies in dire straits

The unnatural downpur during the summer of 2012 has proved 'catastrophic' for the insects, with 52 of the 56 monitored species in decline and overall butterfly sightings nose diving by 300,000.

Sparrows fly out, number falls by 50%

Earlier spotted abundantly on trees and window sills, house sparrows are getting rarer in the urban landscape.A recent survey shows that the sparrow population has shrunk to almost half in the last decade.

WSPA volunteers reach drought hits regions in Maharashtra for aid

In response to the worst drought in 40 years to hit Maharashtra state and fears of the situation worsening with summer's start, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has deployed four members of its Disaster Response team.

Vehicles the biggest polluters

The biggest pollutant in key southern cities is transport with increasing vehicles and limited road space, says a study conducted by New Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment based on data sourced from Central Pollution Control Board. I

Lizard species rediscovered after 135 years

For over a century and quarter, the tiny Geckoella Jeyporensis, a small lizard measuring up to 10 cm, was given up as extinct. Now it has been spotted in the Eastern Ghats, causing scientists to cheer.

Survey confirms sparrow decline in Indian cities

A survey has confirmed for the first time the widely believed theory that rapid urbanisation has taken a toll on the population of tiny sparrows in the cities all over the country.

92 Asiatic lions died in Gujarat in last two years

Ninety-two Asiatic lions have died, including 83 of natural death, in the past two years in Gujarat's Saurashtra region while there has been no case of poaching.

Tibet glaciers melting due to South Asian pollution: China

About 90 per cent of glaciers in Tibet are shrinking because of black carbon pollution "transferred from South Asia" to the ecologically fragile Tibetan plateau, a Chinese scientist has warned.

Rhino census in Kaziranga amid rampant poaching

More than 250 personnel from the state forest department, NGOs and media groups have been engaged in the operation.

92 lions died in last two years in Saurashtra region

A total of 92 lions have died in the last two years in Saurashtra region.

King Cobra not on the verge of extinction in India: Environment ministry

"The Indian crocodile and the King Cobra are presently not on the verge of extinction," environment minister Jayanthi Natarajan said.

World landmarks go dark for Earth Hour

The Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower and the Kremlin -- along with a slew of other landmarks around the world -- went dark Saturday to draw attention to climate change.

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