Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LifeStyle:2/14/2013 8:09:38 PM

Platform shoes make women look heavier

Cherished for their reliable comfort, platform shoes have spent more than a quarter of a century taking over the stiletto as a woman's heel of choice.

Neil Nitin Mukesh has more muscles than clothes

With that 'chor body', Neil Nitin Mukesh, 31, actor, has more muscles under those clothes than you can tell

The necktie turns feminine

Women are borrowing from the boys in a way that blurs the gender gap, and their latest weapon is a menswear staple — the necktie.

Your coffee predicts your personality

A cup of coffee in your hand not only has froth and sugar at its bottom, your personality lives their as well

Are you ready to settle down?

Take this quiz to find out...

Half just as satisfying as whole chocolate

Here's why less won't mean loss: Half a slab of chocolate could be just as satisfying as snacking on a full bar, says a recent study.

Make your groceries last longer

How many times have you had to throw away vegetables and fruits because you didn't store them properly?

Books are talking, are you listening?

Audiobooks, or sound clips that read out your favourite classics, may be the perfect therapy for the jaded mind.

Strangest things left at hotels revealed!

Snails are among the bizarre items that travellers leave behind in their hotel rooms.

Are you a helicopter sibling?

Overprotective older siblings may make the younger ones less confident and dependent. Read on to find out why and how...

Social media may aid HIV prevention

Social networking sites including Facebook could serve as effective tools for preventing HIV infection among at-risk groups...

Sniffer dogs detect lung cancer early

Researchers from Schillerhoehe Hospital in Germany have found that sniffer dogs can reliably detect lung cancer in its early stage.

'Spend less, upgrade your look'

Beauty writer Andrea Pomerantz Lustig tells Nona Walia how women can look great without spending a fortune.

Decorate your home 'diva style'

The home you have always dreamed about - from the bathroom to the living room - can be easily decorated and designed in divine diva style.

Exclusive V-Day recipe: Chilli hot choco milk

Much like love, chocolates do not abide by any season. Both rule our hearts.

Book review: Tick-tock, We're 30

The Sarva Niketan( S.N) gang is back together after a decade, and they're all camped in pajama-wala uncle's house, whose most enduring image is that of a 'mad' dog barking its head off.

Body polish recipes for this Valentine's

For a sexy back this Valentine's Day, beauty expert Richa Aggarwal of Cleopatra Spa n Salon, shares an easy to make back polishing recipe.

V-Day: Top 3 flowers for your dear one

Here are the top 3 flowers for your dear one this Valentine's Day

Thongs, G-strings as Valentine's Day gift?

From two piece sets to fur-lined handcuffs and thongs to G-strings, the sale of designer lingerie has picked up ahead of Valentine's Day, which falls Feb 14. The "bold" gift choices by men are bringing moolah to stores.

South Africa, the ultimate honeymoon destination

South Africa is a gorgeous, multi-cultural country and a perfect place to go after your wedding...

Take a meow, see me in the morning

Dr Pinto of Powai is a distinguished looking gentleman, in his tuxedo and French beard.

Wear the same dress in 3 different ways

Ever thought of wearing a single outfit in three different ways? Here's how you can

7 steps for a healthy heart in your 30s

When you enter your 30s, life gets more and more stressful and complicated...

Ready for typography fashion?

Printed letters and numbers on clothes and accessories — the latest fad in the city

Shobha De wrote 'soft pornography': Massey

Globally celebrated author Reginald Massey Monday questioned writer Shobhaa De's credentials as a literary person, saying she should not be taken seriously as she wrote "soft pornography...

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