Thursday, February 21, 2013

LifeStyle:2/21/2013 8:14:19 AM

Men let women pick their clothes

Most women take control of their partners' wardrobe in a bid to stop them from committing fashion crimes, a new survey has revealed.

Accessories celebs cannot do without

What would an awards show ensemble be without a pair of statement earrings, heels, or a standout clutch to tie it all together? We take a closer look at the details.

New James Bond novel to be out in September

A new James Bond novel - written by British writer William Boyd – is set to be released on September 26, publishers Jonathan Cape have announced

Iced tea and its many benefits

Iced tea not only refreshes you but research has found that it has immense health benefits.

Now, dirt becomes key ingredient of a full course meal

An expensive French restaurant in Tokyo is serving up fancy meals with a key ingredient - dirt.

French fries 'are actually healthy'

French fries, the scourge of nutritionists, are actually healthy for you, according to researchers.

Exercise on empty stomach for fat loss

Early risers who exercise before breakfast can burn up to 20 per cent more body fat than others who exercised after having something to eat

Stress has negative effect on your sex life

Stress has an insidious effect on our lives – taking a toll on our physical, emotional and relationship health, probably more than we realize.

Pet food can make kids sick

The first known salmonella outbreak in humans, mostly young children, linked to pet food.

Supermums outdo company executives

Mothers perform twice as many jobs as company directors and high-flying business people, it has been revealed.

Bullying may drive kids to suicide

Children who are subjected to cyber and physical bullying may skip school and even consider suicide, says an American research.

Do's and don'ts of having casual sex after divorce

For many, casual sex after divorce provides for their physical need without feelings of guilt and helps them to heal and grow

Tips on how to work with your ex

The workplace is breeding ground for romance and flirtations. But if you've had a fallout with your beau and he works at the same place too, it tends to become extremely difficult to survive.

Dandong – A peep into North Korea

North Korea remains as enigmatic as ever, but the view from Dandong, separated by the Yalu river offers a revealing look at the hermit kingdom.

Hanging your own birdcage

Here's how to do it right...

Bengali recipe: Kosha Mangsho

One of the biggest joys in life is to sit with your family and enjoy a delicious lunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. And the joy is bigger when the lunch is a preparation of traditional, authentic Bengali...

Book review: Ruskin Bond's Secrets

The title 'Secrets' that too by Ruskin Bond catches you on a back foot and makes you wonder what the sublime storyteller who always lead a quiet life in the hills had to spill.

17 tips for healthy hair and skin

Cosmetologist Dr Rekha Sheth shares her tips for healthy hair and skin.

How to imply that you want sex

Convey to your partner that you want to have sex, without actually using the words.

9 Things never to tell your hubby

Do you fake an orgasm when you actually didn't? Or find faults with the your husband's way of handling the kids, or pester him to find a new job?

Try some coloured diamond jewellery

'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' is a cliché, but when the very precious stones come in sparkling colours, it's sure to take her breath away.

Pick the right accessory for your skirt

Who says you need to go mini to make a style statement?

Make your own potpourri at home

Potpourri not only lends a pleasant aroma to your home – it also helps to warding off unpleasant smells and diseases.

A very useful manual for lusty new lovers

Did he pop the question on V-Day? From getting the kisses right to fixing the meals, here's a handy guide for lusty new lovers

Teaching your dog how to fetch a beer

A man has started a unique business to provide urban dogs with a dedicated indoor space to train, socialize and for their owners to shop.

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