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World:2/16/2013 7:49:37 AM

China's Xi Jinping vows change

When China's new leader, Xi Jinping, visited the country's south to promote himself before the public as an audacious reformer following in the footsteps of Deng Xiaoping, he had another message to deliver to Communist Party officials behind closed doors.

Two firms at center of horsemeat row deny fraud

Two meat vendors at the heart of a growing European uproar over horsemeat labeled as beef and hidden in frozen meals have denied any fraud, with one French wholesaler saying Friday he has proof that his company is innocent.

Kenya court clears Kenyatta for presidency

Kenya's high court said on Friday it lacked the jurisdiction to rule whether presidential hopeful Uhuru Kenyatta, who faces a crimes against humanity trial, is eligible to run for office next month.

US sanctions al-Qaida chief in North Africa

The United States has designated an alleged senior North African al-Qaida leader a "terrorist" as part of Washington's support of French-led troops who wrested northern Mali back from Muslim extremists.

Around 40,000 flee heavy fighting in east Syria: UN

An estimated 40,000 people have fled a town in eastern Syria after three days of heavy fighting between government troops and rebels, the United Nations food agency said.

Pak tests another N-capable missile

Pakistan on Friday tested a missile that can carry nuclear warheads, the second such test in a week, the military said.

Crippled US cruise ship with 4000 on board docks

People aboard the stricken, 14-story Triumph, lined the deck rails late Thursday as passengers disembarked.

Thai couple smooch to new Guinness record

A kiss lasting nearly two-and-a-half days propelled one determined Thai couple to a new record for the world's longest smooch on Valentine's Day, organisers said Friday.

Public deserves to know more on drones: Obama

President Barack Obama said on Thursday that Americans needed more than just his word to be assured he was not misusing his powers in waging a secret drone war overseas.

Maldives slams 'mediator' India

India's effort to play peacemaker between Maldivian president Waheed Hassan Manik and his deposed predecessor Mohamed Nasheed has left the Indian High Commission in the Maldives capital a virtual war room.

Keith Vaz irks UK's women MPs with 'sexist' tweet

British Indian MP Keith Vaz has evoked sharp criticism from his female counterparts after allegedly making a 'sexist' remark about home secretary Theresa May, on a popular social networking site.

'No radiation detected after N Korea nuclear test'

Urgent efforts to find out the type of device detonated in North Korea's latest nuclear test appeared to be getting nowhere on Thursday, with South Korean experts unable to detect any radioactive fallout.

Tests find horse drug has entered food chain

Recent tests by UK's Food and Standards Authority found the presence of banned drug phenylbutazone (bute) in horses slaughtered in the UK.

India's cultural arm in UK faces cash crunch

India's flagship cultural centre in London - the Nehru Centre, is facing a severe cash crunch.

Benedict to remain 'hidden from world'

Pope Benedict will see out his life in prayer, "hidden from the world", he said on Thursday in his first personal comment on his plans since he stunned Roman Catholics by announcing his retirement.

No fallout detected from NKorea nuke test: South

South Korean warships and air force planes equipped with highly sensitive detection devices were deployed after Tuesday's test to try and collect any traces of radioactive fallout.

Teenager killed in clashes in Bahrain

Protesters, chanting "Down Hamad" in reference to the king, responded by hurling petrol bombs at the security forces, they said, and a 16-year-old boy was shot and killed during the confrontation, according to the opposition.

Myanmar protest: Police used white phosphorus

An independent investigation says white phosphorus caused the severe burns monks and other protesters suffered when Myanmar police broke up their protest at a mine in November.

Resigning Pope calls for 'real renewal'

"We must work for the realisation of the real Council and for a real renewal of the Church," the pope said in a rare off-the-cuff speech, referring to the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s.

Tibetan self-immolation protester dies in Nepal

A Tibetan monk who had set himself on fire protesting Tibetan rule in China on Tuesday morning died in hospital while undergoing treatment Tuesday night, police said.

Tibetan self-immolation protester dies in Nepal

A Tibetan monk who had set himself on fire protesting Tibetan rule in China on Tuesday morning died in hospital while undergoing treatment Tuesday night, police said.

Pope's last public Mass as pontiff

Beginning a long farewell to his flock, a weary Pope Benedict XVI celebrated his final public Mass as pontiff, presiding over Ash Wednesday services hours after a bittersweet audience that produced the extraordinary scene of the leader of the world's billion Catholics explaining himself directly to the faithful.

After North test, South Korea flexes missile power

Two days after North Korea's nuclear test, South Korea touted Thursday the deployment of a new cruise missile capable of hitting targets in the North "anywhere, at any time".

Maldives ex-president Nasheed issues demands

Former Maldivian leader Mohamed Nasheed, who has taken refuge at the Indian embassy in the capital to evade arrest, has demanded the dropping of charges against 800 party workers, his spokeswoman said Thursday.

US working to convince Syria's Assad to go: Kerry

Washington aims to change Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's belief that he can hang onto power and accept "the inevitability" of his departure, Secretary of State John Kerry said.

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