Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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'Narcissists, psychopaths dominate office politics'

Narcissists and psychopaths are among the three types of personalities that dominate office politics, says psychologist and broadcaster Oliver James...

Decluttering is so much fun!

It's hard to let go of those things that have remained so close to your daily make-up regime. But decluttering will only make you feel better. Read on how and why…

Create an atmospheric living room

Usually a living room or hall is the first room one notices on entering a home and must, therefore, be the most comfortable and relaxing zone in your house.

How to make your appetiser look gourmet

Trick guests at your next party into thinking you're a certified chef with our simple tips to make any appetiser look gourmet

Internet replacing teachers?

There was a time when there was absolutely no means of learning a new skill unless you had a good teacher...

Absence should make the heart grow fonder

Long distance relationships are hard to maintain. Here's something that can help.

Peer pressure influences body image of girls

Surprisingly, peers exert a greater influence on teenaged girls' body images than do reed thin models that flash on TV screens, says a new study.

Healthy foods to indulge in while dieting

While for some, dieting is all about depriving yourself of all the 'good foods', here are a couple of ways you can binge on healthy and tasty food while you are on a diet.

Pet food can make kids sick

The first known salmonella outbreak in humans, mostly young children, linked to pet food.

Couch potatoes too can stay fit

If you're someone who just dreams of a fit body but is lazy to work out for the same, here's a cheat sheet you should follow

It's cool to be a working mother

In a development that is surely expected to cheer women from all across the globe!

Velvet being preferred in ethnic wear

Velvet has made a comeback in a big way in ethnic wear... We find out more about the growing demand of this fabric

The mystery behind Shimla's 'Scandal Point'

It is a famous address in a famous city and among the must visit spots for tourists. But exactly why Shimla's 'Scandal Point' has been named so is still a tantalizing mystery.

Hosting a successful baby shower

Hosting a baby shower can be loads of fun.

Healthy gulab jamun recipe

Unarguably the most popular Indian dessert, a regular in every party, family function or marriages, we love Gulab Jamuns! Gulab Jamun is sweet and the frying makes if makes it more heavy on your diet.

'India's 'rape culture' can be changed'

Two women authors, one Indian and the other American, believe that "India's rape culture" can be changed in the wake of the gang-rape and the subsequent death of a New Delhi student that has galvanised the nation.

Fruit souffles for supple skin

Spas are going back to nature, with all-natural, skin food made fresh in their kitchens

Women don't like men who get eyebrows done

Actress Shruti Hasan talks about ten things that she wants men to know about women

Men need a spine, not perpetual erection!

What you didn't know about man's most prized possession

Loneliness taxes your immune system

Don't take loneliness lightly- it could harm your immune system and health, says a new study.

Go ornate with stylish 'distressed furniture'

Now you can get that unique antique look with distressed furniture. Go on decorate your home

There's never a dull moment in life: Janki Lenin

Janaki Lenin, wife of Rom Whitaker – herpetologist, wildlife conservationist, launched her book My Husband And Other Animals, recently

Dungarees are back in fashion

Once considered a workman's overalls, dungarees are now back on the fashion scene. And they aren't just strolling attire either.

Wedding colour combinations to try

Coming up with a great wedding colour is a very stressful part of any wedding. The colour scheme not only sets the tone for the wedding but the rest of your planning is also based on it.

Top 10 superstitions related to food

That's part of the many food superstitions that folks believe in.While it's considered lucky to break the shells of an egg, one should also throw some salt to avoid bad luck.

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