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The caste club

Bengal's ruling elite have always been drawn from the state's upper castes.

When satire wasn't off-limits …

Ellathukkum edam kodukkum allave, neeyum emandiitta pottiduvan kullave. ( Oh Allah, who makes room for everything (in this world), if you blink, they will set a cap (fool's ) even on you). These are lyrics from a song on the sharp ways of the city in a 1955 Tamil fantasy blockbuster, Gulebakavali. The song and the movie catapulted MGR into stardom. Would the lyrics have survived the suffocating standards of non-offensiveness set by fringe groups like the TMMK today?

Why we tolerate intolerance

We are offended by films we have not watched, books we have not read, girl bands we have not heard and paintings we have not seen. There was a time the establishment stood up for the right of expression, now political parties and state governments crawl when pressure groups ask them to bend. Sunday Times looks at the many ongoing debates on liberalism.

Gandhi & the art of dying

There is but no question that Mohandas Gandhi remains, more than six decades after his assassination, the most iconic figure of modern India.

When google helps the ballot hawks

The 21,000-odd people who got themselves enrolled in multiple electoral rolls in Manipur had definitely not taken into account the power of Google Picasa.

Slam-dunk asana

The yoga bug has bitten NBA players who are practising the Indian exercise form to stay fitter, sharper, and play longer.

Met madness

Whether it is Delhi's winter rain or a TN cyclone, India's growing tribe of weather bloggers is keeping a keen eye on the climate.

Geeky godfellas

From the campy to the quirky, the Mahakumbh is a mega magnet for all kinds of seers — from Tarzan Baba to Facebook Baba. Some like 'pokes' while others walk around with pedigree dogs.

India's troubled borders

Of all the legacies the British Empire left behind in South Asia nothing may have such a lasting impact as the arbitrary borders they drew on maps during their two centuries of colonisation.

Kargil cannot be repeated every day: Nawaz Sharif

Twice prime minister of Pakistan, Pakistan Muslim League (N) leader Nawaz Sharif, is widely expected to return to power when elections are held in Pakistan. Sharif spoke exclusively to Jyoti Malhotra at his home in Raiwind, outside Lahore, earlier this week. Excerpts...

Online world erupts in grief

There were outpourings of grief in cyberspace on Saturday. Once Nirbhaya's death was announced , Facebook and Twitter profiles turned black as a mark of protest against the 'system' . 'RIP Nirbhaya' was the top trending topic on Twitter.

Nirbhaya: from victim to the fearless one

The Guru Granth Sahib opens with the Ek Onkar, a mool mantra that says there is but one God, eternal and true. He is also without fear (nirbhau), without enemies (nirvair).

Blind to what, Your Honour?

It's time for India's courts to gaze inward and throw out deeply embedded patriarchal notions that stop judgements from being fair to women. Sexism within the system has to go before it does more damage in the country, says Indira Jaising.

Senior cops should be vigilant and accessible: R P N Singh

Minister of state for home, R P N Singh, has assured that the government will seek the harshest punishment for the rapists and murderers of Nirbhaya, who died early on Saturday in a Singapore hospital.

We won 2 seats but hit BJP's chances in 15 seats

I accept defeat and I accept it graciously. But that does not mean the issues I raised during the campaign don't exist anymore. Development in the state has remained restricted to the cities.

India beats China in UK

It's been a while since chicken tikka masala was conferred with the crown of national dish of the UK. Ever since, the curry industry, as it's popularly referred to, has continued to grow, producing Indian dishes made to suit the British palette.

A dark cloud over red districts

Two kittens chase each other, a few children scamper about as customers move in and out of a series of rooms encircling a dingy courtyard at a kotha in Garstin Bastion Road, popularly known as GB Road - the biggest red light district in Delhi.

Modi as PM will be at the mercy of allies

Ramdev: Their religion is religion and mine is business?

Yoga guru Ramdev is in the midst of formulating his future course of action - whether he should consider joining a political formation, float one of his own, or remain on the fringe and run a countrywide campaign against corruption and black money.

Greek brothels sponsor soccer

Greece's economic crisis has affected all forms of public spending in the country, especially in sports. Teams have been scrambling to find sponsors.

Verse is better for good business

In 1955, Harvard University offered a prestigious faculty position to the vice-president of the Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company.

There's nothing about Mary

In 1961 the most popular girl name in the US was 'Mary' . In 2011 the name was ranked at a lowly 112, a drop of 94%. Searching for Marys among birth announcements, sociologist Philip Cohen found several Marys as grandmothers to children with names like Mazie, Ja'nae and Asani.

Election tourism

Can the drama of polls in India be used to attract foreign travellers? Gujarat thinks it can as it goes to the polls on December 13 and 17.

Cop daughter, dacoit wife

He's one of the most dreaded criminals in Bharatpur's Sewar jail and she's the child of a policeman. Sunday Times travels to Dhaulpur to hear first-hand the makings of an amazing love story.

Throne of contention

The platform which held the Peacock Throne, it was believed, was kept in the Red Fort. But a 1908 story in The New York Times seems to prove otherwise. Sunday Times probes.

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