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World:2/11/2013 11:58:29 AM

100 killed in South Sudan attack

Since breaking from Sudan in 2011, oil-producing South Sudan has struggled to assert control over remote territories awash with weapons after a 1983-2005 war with the north and torn by ethnic rivalries.

Flaws in US missile shield: Report

Congressional investigators say secret US defense department studies cast doubt on whether a multi billion-dollar missile defence system planned for Europe will ever be able to protect the US from Iranian missiles as intended, according to a report.

Mountain hunt for US killer cop enters 4th day

The hunt for a former Los Angeles police officer suspected in three killings entered a fourth day in snow-covered mountains on Sunday.

New US commander takes the helm in Afghanistan

Marine Gen Joseph Dunford took over on Sunday as the new and probably last commander of all US and international forces in Afghanistan.

Legal threats fly in Europe horsemeat fraud scandal

Frozen food giant Findus lodged a legal complaint in France after evidence showed the presence of horse in its beef lasagne was "not accidental".

Taliban not serious about talks: Rehman Malik

The Taliban are neither serious nor sincere about peace talks with the government, Pakistani interior minister Rehman Malik said.

3 South Korean doctors slain in Nigeria

Officials say attackers in northeastern Nigeria have killed three South Korean doctors, beheading one in the assault.

3 South Korean doctors slain in Nigeria

Officials say attackers in northeastern Nigeria have killed three South Korean doctors, beheading one in the assault.

3 Chinese doctors slain in Nigeria

Armed men killed three Chinese doctors in a pre-dawn attack on Sunday in Nigeria's volatile northeastern town of Potiskum, police said.

Iranians rally for 1979 revolution anniversary

Iranians are rallying across the country to mark the 34th anniversary of the 1979 revolution that deposed a pro-West monarch and brought in the Islamic Republic.

US northeast digs out from blizzard

The US northeast slowly dug out Saturday from a mammoth blizzard that choked air, road and rail travel, left some 650,000 homes and businesses without power and caused at least seven deaths.

Major explosion near Gao, northern Mali

A massive explosion near Gao in northern Mali late on Saturday raised fears of an Islamist attack, hours after villagers near the city detained two youths preparing suicide bombings.

Mass grave found in Timbuktu: Mauritanian media

A mass grave containing several bodies was discovered in Timbuktu in northern Mali, recently recaptured from Islamist rebels by French-led forces, a Mauritanian news agency said on Saturday.

Death probe: Chile asked to dig up Neruda body

A Chilean judge has ordered the remains of poet and Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda be exhumed in a probe into whether he died of cancer as commonly believed or was killed by Augusto Pinochet's agent.

In a first, UK's royal finances face House scrutiny

In an unprecedented move, finances of the UK's queen mother and the royal family will soon be investigated by a powerful Westminster committee.

European Union approves first-ever budget cut

In what will be the first ever budget cut in the European Union's 56-year history, austerity prevailed over growth with hectic negotiations over 24-hours finally seeing the EU agree to a 960 billion budget for the 2014-20 period.

US seeking information to nail Saeed

The US has said it continues to seek information on LeT founder and 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed that can convict him in the court of law.

German minister quits in plagiarism case

Germany's education minister resigned Saturday after a university decided to withdraw her doctorate, finding that she plagiarized parts of her thesis, an embarrassment for Chancellor Angela Merkel's government as it prepares for elections later this year.

Blizzard grinds US northeast to halt

A ferocious snowstorm pummeled the northeastern United States for a second straight day Saturday, killing at least two people, bringing transportation to a halt and cutting off power to at least half a million customers.

Mali on edge after suicide attack

Malian troops bolstered security at army checkpoints and villagers detained two youths allegedly strapped with explosives on Saturday after Islamists claimed responsibility for the country's first suicide attack.

Japan suggests hotline to Beijing over island spat

Japan has suggested setting up a military hotline with China to avoid clashes between the two countries, which are at loggerheads over a group of disputed islands, Tokyo's defence minister said today.

Chinese give Year of the Snake a colourful welcome

Chinese welcomed the arrival of the Year of the Snake with raucous celebrations on Saturday, setting off a cacophony of firecrackers in the streets and sending fireworks blazing into the sky to bring good fortune.

6 dead in rocket attack on Iraqi refugee camp

Assailants fired rockets at a refugee camp for Iranian exiles outside Baghdad early Saturday, killing six people and wounding dozens, police and a spokesman for the camp said.

Assange urges leak of US drone rules

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange urged US officials Friday to leak secret documents on drone strikes, saying that the broad discretion to kill citizens showed a "collapse" in the American system.

Blizzard blankets US northeast

A blizzard continued to pummel the northeastern United States on Saturday, disrupting thousands of flights, shutting down roads and mass transit and blanketing the region with heavy snowfall.

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