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World:2/12/2013 10:02:22 PM

North Korea vows 'high-intensity' action

North Korea's ruling party called for the staging of a "high-intensity" action and further long-range rocket launches, state media reported Tuesday, ahead of an expected nuclear test.

Grammy salute for Ravi Shankar album

Paul McCartney won the Best traditional pop vocal album for his 'Kisses On The Bottom'.Adele was presented with the Best Pop Solo Performance Grammy for a live rendition of 'Set Fire To The Rain'.

After blizzard, tornado hits US

Cambridge/ The US Northeast was digging out on Sunday after a blizzard dumped up to 40 inches of snow with hurricane force winds, killing at least nine people and leaving hundreds of thousands without power.

Nurse death: Australian RJ back on air

One of the two Australian radio presenters whose royal prank call to a British hospital treating Kate Middleton went awry and created a furore when an Indian-origin nurse committed suicide, returned on air on Monday.

120 cardinals to pick new pope, 4 are from India

The news caught everyone unawares, including the Indian cardinals."It is with total surprise and sadness that I learnt about the resignation of His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI this evening.

Boy, 12, held for plot to kill classmates in US

A 12-year-old middle school student in California has been detained for plotting to shoot 23 classmates and a teacher as officials seized a cache of rifles and handguns from his home.

WHO's share of global health funds shrinking to 9%

The global development assistance for health (DAH) has increased by 475% in the last two decades, but the funds channeled through the World Health Organisation (WHO) increased by a mere 62% in comparison.

French anti-fraud teams search horsemeat scandal firms

The inspections came as French ministers prepared to hold a crisis meeting with key players in the meat industry, as the scandal that erupted in Britain continued to spread across the continent.

French, Malian troops regain control of Gao

French and Malian government forces have regained control of this strategic northern city, after Islamic fighters invaded and fought a prolonged battle.

Russia coalmine blast kills 18: Govt

An underground methane gas explosion killed up to 18 miners at a coal pit in northern Russia on Monday.

$1m bounty declared on fugitive US cop

A record $1 million reward was posted for information leading to the capture of a fugitive former Los Angeles policeman suspected of targeting police officers and their families.

Mandela feeling better now, Zuma says

South African President Jacob Zuma has visited the indisposed Nelson Mandela but found the iconic leader "comfortable and relaxed" while watching television, a statement said.

Pakistan Taliban 'ban vulgar films, Viagra'

The Pakistani Taliban have warned shopkeepers in a popular market to stop selling "obscene films" and Viagra-style male potency pills.

Pakistan reacts to Afzal Guru's execution

Pakistan on Monday reacted cautiously to the execution of Afzal Guru, hanged for his role in the 2001 attack on Parliament, saying it did not want to "go into details" of his trial.

Royal hoax call: Australia RJ back on air

One of the Australian radio hosts at the centre of a royal hoax call controversy in which a nurse was found hanged returned to the airwaves on Monday.

Extremists attack Malian troops in Gao

Gunfire echoed for hours across the city of mud-walled buildings.The combat started at about 2 downtown Gao and the fighting was continuing as night fell.

Britain's horsemeat scandal may worsen

Britain's raging meat scandal is set to worsen as the environment ministry on Sunday released a warning saying that more British ready meals containing horsemeat are expected to be found over the next few weeks.

Freed Taliban men have re-joined jihadis: Report

Some of the Taliban officials and fighters freed by Pakistan to help bring peace in Afghanistan have rejoined their colleagues in waging war against Western troops and the Afghan government, according to a media report on Sunday.

PIO charged in US green card investment fraud

US markets regulator SEC has charged an Indian-origin person of running a fraud investment scheme, wherein Chinese in and other investors were allegedly duped of at least $150 million in hope of green card American residency.

China ushers in year of snake with austerity

China's new leader Xi Jinping is bringing about a change in the social and political atmosphere with the year of the snake beginning with subdued celebrations across the country on Sunday.

100 killed in South Sudan attack

Since breaking from Sudan in 2011, oil-producing South Sudan has struggled to assert control over remote territories awash with weapons after a 1983-2005 war with the north and torn by ethnic rivalries.

Flaws in US missile shield: Report

Congressional investigators say secret US defense department studies cast doubt on whether a multi billion-dollar missile defence system planned for Europe will ever be able to protect the US from Iranian missiles as intended, according to a report.

Mountain hunt for US killer cop enters 4th day

The hunt for a former Los Angeles police officer suspected in three killings entered a fourth day in snow-covered mountains on Sunday.

New US commander takes the helm in Afghanistan

Marine Gen Joseph Dunford took over on Sunday as the new and probably last commander of all US and international forces in Afghanistan.

Legal threats fly in Europe horsemeat fraud scandal

Frozen food giant Findus lodged a legal complaint in France after evidence showed the presence of horse in its beef lasagne was "not accidental".

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