Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Environment:3/20/2013 7:45:10 PM

Environment protection a challenge in Uttarakhand: Governor

Uttarakhand governor Aziz Qureshi said today the conservation of the environment has become a challenge in the state which needs to be taken seriously.

Tigress found dead at Ranthambore

A tigress T-37 was found dead in its territory (zone-9) at the Ranthambore tiger reserve on Monday.Locals said the tigress was seen in the morning by visitors but was found dead around 2.30pm.

On a wing and a prayer on World Sparrow Day

On the occasion of World Sparrow Day, which falls on March 20, Nature Forever Society (NFS) has decided to start a campaign and take it to college campuses and citizens' groups across the city and state.

Four poachers arrested for hunting wild boar

A group of four poachers was apprehended by the security staff of the National Defence Academy (NDA) on Sunday morning for hunting a wild boar on the premises of the NDA's Khadakwasla campus.

Global clean energy investment reached $250bn in 2012

Global investment in clean energy climbed to a record $250 billion last year despite adverse worldwide economic conditions, the president of the International Solar Energy Society said in an interview in Mexico.

Wind-powered water holes for Gir lions

The drought-like situation in the Gir area has shown that water holes filled by wind or solar powered pumps attract more animals than those artificially filled by tankers.

Global warming effect on Antarctica, ice cover disappears from King George Island

Could anyone imagine the islands on the South Pole (Antarctica) without its proverbial ice? It seems unthinkable as the man's flirtation with nature, though for scientific research purposes, is paving way to global warming and seems to have cast its shadow on the icy lands as well.

Amur leopard population in Russia up 50 per cent, WWF says

The population of the Amur leopard has grown by half since 2007 and the cats have expanded their habitat as far as North Korea, the World Wide Fund for Nature said.

Antarctica concerns grow as tourism numbers rise

Across most of Earth, a tourist attraction that sees 35,000 visitors a year can safely be labeled sleepy.But when it's Antarctica, every footstep matters.

SC sets April 30 deadline for making 3 National Green Tribunal benches functional

The Supreme Court on Friday set April 30 as deadline for making functional benches of National Green Tribunal at Bhopal, Pune and Kolkata, failure of which will require presence of their senior officials before it.

New Zealand suffering biggest drought in 30 years

Dairy farmer John Rose has sent more than 100 of his cows to the slaughterhouse over recent weeks as a severe drought browned pastures in New Zealand's normally verdant North Island.

Tribunal outlaws vehicles inside Rajokri forest

Taking note of a TOI report on the illegal construction of three roads cutting through Rajokri forest, the National Green Tribunal has said that no public vehicular traffic is now permitted in the "forest area". It has also said that no non-forest activity is permitted in the area.

Governments boost support for sharks, elephants

A major meeting on the plight of endangered species wrapped up Thursday with a victory for shark conservationists and increased pressure on countries to curb rampant illegal trade in ivory.

Mysore ​Zoo plans transponders for rescued big cats now

Mysore Zoo plans to install transponders on carnivores that have been rescued from the wild.

Ukrainian killer dolphins deserted to seek mates?

Three of the Ukrainian navy's killer dolphins who swam away from their handlers during training exercises, may have left in search for mates, an expert has said.

Gangetic river dolphin population stable in Bihar

The endangered Gangetic river dolphin population has been stable in Bihar over the last six years, despite accidental and intentional killing of the mammal in the rivers, an official said.

Dead pigs in Shanghai river jump to almost 6,000

The number of dead pigs found in Shanghai's main river doubled in two days to nearly 6,000, the government said.

Mining dumps may cause pollution hazards: Dinsha Patel

The Union mines ministry hasn't ruled out pollution hazards while handling mining dumps in Goa.

Vietnam urged to redouble rhino trade fight at CITES conference

Vietnam was urged to do more to fight the illegal trade in rhino horn today, which is highly prized in the Southeast Asian nation for its supposed medicinal qualities.

Coal power emissions may have killed 100,000 Indians in 2012: Study

The study is based on a database of 111 coal power plants representing a generation capacity of 121 GW.

China wrestles with cost of cleaner environment

For industry, pollution controls could cause a costly upheaval after three decades of breakneck growth with little official concern about damage to China's air, water and soil.

Demand for chopsticks killing trees, Chinese lawmaker says

A Chinese legislator who heads a forestry company has urged the country to save more trees by reducing the 80 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks it makes each year, state media say.

1,200 dead pigs recovered from Shanghai river

Authorities were conducting coordinated efforts to stop the dumping of dead pigs from the source.

Warming Arctic turning greener, finds study

Scientists have rung another warning bell about changes in the fragile ecosystem of the Arctic, saying that vegetation found in areas several degrees to the south of the region 30 years ago was now showing up in parts of the Arctic due to global warminglinked temperature rise.

More turtles visit Chennai beach for nesting

After a drop in the number of nests in 2012, Olive Ridley turtles seem to have made an impressive comeback this year.

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