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Juicy Aussie lamb chunks in spicy Indian curry

Indians are eating Australian lamb in their curries and tandoors for the first time, thanks to a new trade deal between the two countries.

Colour for your Zodiac sign

Find out the hue that best suits you and your star sign.

Fit into your high heels with 'Stiletto surgery'

Women will do just about anything to fit into their favourite pair of high heels – and that includes surgery.

Maharashtra's ancient rock sculptures

Rock sculptures dating back to between 4,000-7,000 BC have been found in a well-preserved condition in the forests near Kudopi village in Sindhudurg district of coastal Konkan region...

Yet to cast for 50 Shades movie, says author

'Fifty Shades of Grey' author EL James said at Vanity Fair's Oscar party on Sunday that she is a long way away from casting for the movie adaptation of her book.

Vodka and its cocktails!

Vodka is the best spirit to keep around at all times and it is the most popular base spirit for cocktails.

Juicy Aussie lamb chunks in spicy Indian curry

Indians are eating Australian lamb in their curries and tandoors for the first time, thanks to a new trade deal between the two countries.

Best vegetarian sources of protein

Perhaps one of the most neglected meal components - Protein is the reason behind muscle regeneration, performance, and upkeep.

Aerobics best for weight and fat loss

Aerobic exercises are the best for burning fat and losing weight, according to a US study.

Weekends to be blamed for sleepy Mondays

Many people try and ''catch up'' on sleep lost in the week by lying in at the weekend but a leading sleep expert has claimed that this may actually make you even dozier come Monday morning.

Dogs can also be pessimists!

It seems unlikely that a dog could be pessimistic, but a new study suggests that sometimes even they see the glass half empty.

Understanding the world business culture

With career opportunities growing internationally, understanding different work cultures is the need of the hour. Purnima Goswami Sharma highlights work cultures across the globe.

Understanding kids' tantrums

Children's temper tantrums can be analysed and have a pattern and rhythm of their own that, when understood, may help many long-suffering parents and teachers.

Things to discuss with him before marriage

Tying the knot is definitely a big deal and there are certain things that you should discuss with your would-be before you get married to him.

Everything you wanted to know about men

We give you a small ready reckoner on how men behave in relationships...

Bring home a wind chime

Wind chimes are usually found on a veranda, but not often. They are at times made use of in order to accentuate a long window or included to deliver elegance to a kitchen space.

Recipe: Homemade vanilla ice cream

We've all tried and wanted to make that perfect, smooth, creamy, tasty homemade vanilla ice-cream.

Book review: The Other Side of the Table

Five years ago, debut author Madhumita Mukherjee was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. A paediatrician by profession, she had to take time off work for a year to undergo...

Tips to lighten thighs and underarms

Beauty expert Shahnaz Husain tells you what you can do.

Is your sex technique right?

Accepting the fact that your partner is not keen to explore your sexual fantasies isn't easy. Here's help!

5 Best positions to get pregnant fast

Some couples do find it hard to conceive for several reasons, including weak or insufficient sperm count.

Micro desserts have a big appeal

Why are foodies going gaga over the bite-size desserts?

Indian comic industry: Big-bucks mantra

The Indian comic industry is laughing all the way to the bank...

Cape Town's gorgeous white sands

White sands, clean beaches and sun beds, are just a few things that will catch your eye in Cape Town. But the city has much more to offer

Avocadoes cut stroke, diabetes risk

Consuming avocados could be associated with better diet quality and nutrient intake level, lower intake of added sugars, lower body weight, BMI and waist circumferences, higher...

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