Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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How not to use the wrong foundationRules of applying foundation...

Eating family means together good for kidsRegular family meals round a table can increase kids' fruit and vegetable intake, and make it easier for them to reach the recommended five portions a day, according to a new research.

Kickboxing for a leaner, stronger youKickboxing not only gives you that fab figure, but also makes you stronger

Top five ways to deck up your homeHere are top five ways to deck up your home

Fast food linked to asthma, eczemaEating fast food thrice a week or more elevates the risk of asthma and eczema, while eating fruit with the same frequency provides a protective effect, says a study.

Handloom is back in vogueThe textile industry in India has been in existence since the time of our ancestors.

Did Cleopatra commit suicide?A new book has cast doubt on the long held theory that Cleopatra VII, the last pharaoh of Egypt, committed suicide along with her two handmaidens soon after the conquering...

Get stylish with your wineWith wine-tasting sessions being the most talked about events in the world, here are some tips on what should you know when you sip your wine…

'Ghee' and its many benefitsGhee is composed almost entirely of saturated fat. When cooking, it can be unhealthy to heat polyunsaturated oils such as vegetable oils to high temperatures.

North India's famous fiveIn a country, where every village has a fascinating story to tell, picking a few favourite spots on the Northern front isn't really an easy task.

Wilderness in wardrobesAnimal inspired clothes and accessories are ruling our wardrobes

Dogs bond better with male ownersA pilot study about human-canine interactions has found that dogs owned by men, especially neurotic men, approach their owners more often than dogs of female owners.

How to find a job using social mediaWhile posting too much personal information on social media sites can trash your career, you can also leverage the platform and use it to your advantage when hunting for a job.

Dealing with a lying childKids lie to protect themselves from being scolded and at times, to gain attention. As a parent, here's how you can help your consistently lying child...

How to do up your staircaseMake your staircase look as interesting as the rest of your house. Here's how...

Recipe: Garlic kheerHere's the recipe for delicious and healthy garlic kheer.

Book Review: Prey by the GangesIn an attempt to unveil the disturbing facets of Bihar during the early Independence era, it seems like Hemant Kumar has exorcised his experiences of the city in his debut novel, 'Prey by the Ganges'.

Tips to get rid of itchy scalpDo you constantly scratch your scalp? Does the dandruff advertisement on TV showing white flakes falling over the shoulder seem familiar?

Top 7 sex drive killersWhen was the last time you had that must-have-sex feeling?

Caught while having sex?A list of the most awkward sexual encounters and the ways to deal with the subsequent embarrassment...

Juicy Aussie lamb chunks in spicy Indian curryIndians are eating Australian lamb in their curries and tandoors for the first time, thanks to a new trade deal between the two countries.

Colour for your Zodiac signFind out the hue that best suits you and your star sign.

Fit into your high heels with 'Stiletto surgery'Women will do just about anything to fit into their favourite pair of high heels – and that includes surgery.

Maharashtra's ancient rock sculpturesRock sculptures dating back to between 4,000-7,000 BC have been found in a well-preserved condition in the forests near Kudopi village in Sindhudurg district of coastal Konkan region...


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