Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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Simple home decor tips for collegians

More and more students are opting to live in flats as they enjoy the independence that goes with college life...

What your choice of eggs says about you

How you prefer your egg cooked reveals a lot not only about your culinary taste but also says a lot about your personality, revealing secrets about social class and even sex drive...

Quick, easy ways to toned legs

Four quick and easy ways to toned legs, as suggested by Milin Mathew, senior group exercise manager, Fitness First.

Prevent hair loss: How to prevent alopecia

It might sound easy at times, but preventing hair loss is no small task.

Kolkata's Flurys soon in other cities

Kolkata's Flurys, the legendary tea-room known for its exotic cakes and creamy pastries, has chalked out a major expansion plan outside West Bengal by opening outlets in Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai.

Cats begging for food have psychological condition

If you cat pesters you for food it could be a sign that they are in the grip of an eating obsession, a group of vets has claimed.

How to ace your exams

Spreading out your studies over time and self-quizzing can help you score better.

Things men can't stand about women

Read on to find what irks men the most about the fairer sex's online habits...

Wedding colour combinations to try

Coming up with a great wedding colour is a very stressful part of any wedding. The colour scheme not only sets the tone for the wedding but the rest of your planning is also based on it.

How to get rid of blackheads

Here are some sure shot ways to remove blackheads through some quick fix methods.

The traditional Kolhapuri goes hip

Kolhapuris have been around for the longest time in the history of fashion. It's a fact that every woman owns a pair of this classic piece of footwear.

Spruce up your home for the summer

Summer is a great time to add some pizzazz to your decorating. The key to summer decorating is to lighten and brighten.

African recipes: Spice rice, Green chilli salad

Did you know that African cooking, particularly Ethiopian and Tanzanian, has striking similarity with Indian? Only the spice content in theirs is a tad higher than ours.

Book review: John Grisham's Calico Joe

John Grisham manages to hit a home run every time, even by moving away from his favourite legal writing and venturing into something as diverse as sports.

How to deal with sunburn

The sun can leave you with itchy, peeling skin which is not only unattractive but also painful. We tell you how to deal with sunburn

Your sex position says much about you

We all like to get experimental in the bedroom. Here's our expert decoding what your favourite position says about you

5 signs she definitely wants sex

Focus on what she's not telling you in bed by reading her body language

Miss Moti and her flights of fancy

Graphic novelist Kripa Joshi tells Nona Walia why a fat woman with no superpowers is the protagonist of her comic series, Miss Moti.

Don't hide your true identity at work

Hiding one's true social identity, race and ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation or a disability at work can result in decreased job satisfaction and increased turnover, a new study has suggested.

Top four reasons why diets fail

Losing weight is one of the top resolutions made each year, yet only 20 per cent of people are able to achieve successful weight-loss and maintenance.

'Can do' attitude is key to good health

A "can do" attitude can work wonders for your health and outlook on life but those who have a greater faith in 'luck' or 'fate' are more likely to live an unhealthy life, says an Australian study.

Desk jobs, obesity trigger knee pain

Surgeons and physiotherapists have blamed rising levels of obesity and desk-based jobs across...

Dogs can recognize smiling faces

A new Japanese study has indicated that dogs can recognize smiling faces, which researchers say may have helped them to live with humans.

Most employees wish their bosses would quit

Bad bosses plague seven out of 10 people, and these employees think their gaffers are so poor that they should be sacked

Things you can do during a power cut

Here are some interesting things to do during power cuts at home.

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